Case Studies

Medik8 Surface Radiance Cleanser

Skin Description: Breakouts

Treatment: Surface Radiance Cleanser

Result: After 4 months of daily use – Reduced acne, inflammation has calmed.

Image via Medik8 Australia Instagram.

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Medik8 Surface Radiance Cleanser

Unify the skin, boost collagen, refine pores and even skin tone via Retinol & Retinal by Medik8 .

Highly active ingredient using the highest percentage of Retinal available to purchase online with Medik8’s Crystal Retinal 10. Retinal works 11x faster than it’s well known evening out skin tone and texture and for effectively reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

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Retinal & Retinol (vitamin A) is not always suited to everyone and can cause sun sensitivity, purging and irritation. It is important to only use Vitamin A at night followed by sun protection in the morning. Always slowly introduce vitamin A into your skincare routine and if you are new to retinol, you should start on a lower strength such as the Crystal Retinal 3 and build up to a 10. Not sure if retinol OR Retinal is for you? Contact us on live chat we are here to help.

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Reduce Redness & Rosacea

Asap Gentle Cleansing Gel + Super B Complex

Image via asapskin Facebook.

Fade Hyper-pigmentation & Sun Damage

Skin Description: Sun Damage + Pigmentation

Treatment: Nightly application of Asap Liquid Platinum for 8 Weeks.

Result: Massive improvement in skin Hydration and lightening of pigmentation.

Image via asapskin Facebook.

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Healing scar tissue with Asap Super B Complex.

“Before + After | asap super B complex was applied to scar following reconstructive and to the amazement of the surgeon the scar had almost disappeared at the five week post-surgery review! ???? ???? ????

This unique formulation, contains a high percentage of Niacinamide (B3) combined with Vitamin B5 and Aloe Vera, to aid tissue repair and promotes effective wound healing.”

Image via asapskin Facebook.

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