Anti - Ageing

Explained by Dr. Jadoon

Ageing skin is characterized by the appearance of facial lines and wrinkles along with textural irregularities and sagging. Even though ageing is a normal process; most Australians suffer from premature skin-ageing due to excessive sun damage.
What causes the skin to age prematurely?

There are several contributing factors. These include:

  • Prolonged UV Exposure (sun damage).
  • Suboptimal diet and lifestyle.
  • Chronic illness.
  • Sudden weight loss.
  • Chronic stress & sleep irregularities.
  • Environmental pollutants.
How to treat ageing skin?
  • Identifying and eliminating (or reducing) any triggering environmental factors (mentioned above) is the first step.
  • Healthy diet, adequate sleep, and regular exercise slows down the premature skin-ageing process significantly.
  • In-clinic treatments include cosmetic injectables, various laser and light therapies professional peels, facials, skin needling etc.
Skincare products to slow down and reverse
skin ageing.

Skincare products helpful for ageing skin include:

  • Sun Protection (SPF- Sun Blocks, Sun Screens).
  • Exfoliating Cleansers.
  • Topical anti-ageing skin serums such as Vitamin A,B and C Serums.
  • Topical skin products with specific anti-ageing ingredients.


  • It is important to understand that skincare products for any skin concern have to be used regularly (as recommended by product usage guidelines) for optimum results.
  • We recommend using the products for a minimum of 6 months and avoiding any triggering factors to see clinically visible results.

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